Welcome to our little world of timeless sophistication featuring silky ties and refined gentlemen’s accessories made in Portugal. Although we have been around for 39 years, we still tread the globe one footstep at a time, welcoming new clients and brands to our selective portfolio.
The question we get asked most is why VANDOMA? What does it mean? What does it represent?
To us, Vandoma represents our roots, our humble beginnings and pays homage to our hometown. Our brand takes its name from the Patron Saint of Porto, our city, known as Our Lady of Vandoma who arrived in the city around the year 990 with French knights who took the city back from the moors. Since then Our Lady of Vandoma’s original image can still be visited at the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady in Porto.

To us, Vandoma represents aspiration, hard work, and timeless devotion, in our case to the textile craft. Created in 1982 by our founder Antonio Manuel De Sousa, Vandoma remains to this day true to its craftsmanship of handmade silk ties created with silk fabrics from the eldest cloth artisans in Italy.

It is important for us to form a relationship business, where we build everlasting partnerships with our clients and weave the current trends into eternal styles to create timeless collections worn from one generation to another.

Our factory is located in the heart of the city of Porto, where we handle all the production and is fully managed by our founder and my dad Antonio Manuel de Sousa, and me, his daughter Ana Lisa Sousa.
Oh yes! As with everything in our business, this blog will be personal, directly from me to you. We want to share with your our core values, fashion tips, our latest collections, interviews, and even some of our favorite spots in Porto.

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Ana Lisa Sousa
CEO of Vandoma Ties

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